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Some Humber Arm South residents don’t like new location of mailboxes

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The post office boxes in Benoit’s Cove have been moved, but not everyone is happy about it.

As reported they would be in September, a set of a dozen Canada Post super mailboxes that had been in front of Dave Joyce’s house on the main drag in the Humber Arm South community have been relocated about 300 feet further down the road.

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Joyce had been complaining for years the row of boxes obscuring his home were a safety hazard, not to mention an unsightly aspect of his property’s frontage. Even the town had been asking Canada Post to put them somewhere else.

Canada Post finally agreed to do that this fall and put the boxes in a location suggested by the town.

Now, town manager Marion Evoy confirms, some residents do not like the new location. When asked about this Monday, Evoy said no one had voiced concern about the new location in the three or four years of discussions and consultations prior to the move, but now they are.

She said she is not sure what those concerns are based on, but those who don’t like the idea will have a chance to voice their displeasure at an upcoming public town council meeting scheduled for Nov. 14.

“The town doesn’t have any issues with where they are now and there is no plan to move them again as of right now,” said Evoy, clarifying that any further relocation would be Canada Post’s decision to make anyway.

No one from Canada Post replied to a request for comment as of deadline Monday.

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