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Stephenville councillor Don Gibbon wants 911 emergency number placed on town vehicles

Don Gibbon is shown in this 2015 file photo.
Don Gibbon is shown in this 2015 file photo.

Coun. Don Gibbon believes that all town vehicles, especially those used by the fire department, should have the 911 emergency number displayed on them.

“People need to know that is the number that needs to be phoned now in case of a fire or other emergency,” he said.

Gibbon said at the regular general meeting of council on Thursday the fire department’s number was promoted for many decades on the doors of the fire station and many people have it memorized.

He said now that the 911 emergency service has been in place in the region for a while it’s time for people, especially those used to the old number, to be educated on this number — a standard one around the world for emergencies.

Mayor Tom Rose agreed and said the suggestion of displaying the number on town vehicles would be looked into and that it could be posted on the town’s site and the town’s newsletter, which is being worked on.

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