Holidays quieted in misfortune, disbelief and loss

Dave White
Published on December 28, 2016

Few words bespeak the heartfelt loss of loved ones, even years and decades beyond their passing. Yet, they live on within us.

Tragedy otherwise rarely foretold is especially evident where people go about celebrating the good in their lives only to see that turn out quite differently.

In one such case, Bay of Islands this holiday was beset of inclement weather and tragic circumstance.

Quaint and quiet Lark Harbour is left to come to grips with the unexpected in the loss of two respected citizens who were tragically killed in the unfortunate aftermath of familial celebrations.

A brother-in-law visiting from western Canada faces criminal charges in the accident.

Tragedy and collective hurt is no greater felt than where it emerges so close to home. 

Condolences are extended to the Larkin and Sheppard families.

We need suppose that good is great and helping others in our lives puts faith into action, where such loss enables quests for greater goods arising on memory of ones so tragically taken. 

However evident it may not be at times, faith in better outcomes does prevail and hope remains where communal understanding and personal charity lend a hand.

Maybe in 2017 we will be better for our losses, opening ways unto newer victories. In thoughtful repose and by wilful intent, we respond, somehow bound by understanding and compassion to do that which is right and just.

For faith, love, peace on Earth and goodwill toward all, we yet press on.

Here’s to healthier, safer and happier times in the new year, everyone.

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