Player/coach Pat Fewer says local Challenge Cup squad will have to be committed to the long haul to achieve success

Dave Kearsey
Published on November 30, 2016

Pat Fewer says the key to success for Steers Insurance Corner Brook United FC in Challenge Cup play next summer will be commitment.

Fewer is player/coach for the local entry and one of a handful of players who had any Challenge Cup experience before the team returned to the fold last summer, a season that saw Fewer and company finish fifth overall and out of the playoffs.

With a core group of fresh face players with skill and speed in their favour, Fewer liked the compete level of the young lineup despite the obvious lack of experience and confidence playing against a lot of talented players who happened to be older, bigger and stronger.

It’s the level of commitment shown by these players that Fewer believes will be key to how the Corner Brook side fare next season.

“We need that commitment from them to be fully invested,” he said. “I think the younger guys have a solid year under their belt and can build on that so I think that’s going to be crucial to our success.”

While missing the playoffs was disappointing, Fewer took many positives out of the season. He saw his team lose a lot of close games where they just couldn’t finish or they gave up leads, but he believes the players gained confidence as the season went on and played hard to the final buzzer. So he has no worries about the work ethic.

He says he and some of the veterans are on the roster to provide leadership and support, but he makes no bones about it that it’s the young guns who will have to turn things around on the field of play.

That mission will be underway during the winter months as the team plans on working out three times per week to ensure players are in top shape for the season opener.

The team has been well received by the community with some good crowds for home games, so impressive that Fewer says his team has a bigger fan base than any other team in the league with the exception of the St. Lawrence Laurentians.

He has no doubt his team belongs and he expects the players to stay focused on being game-ready on opening day.

Confidence has been boosted in the players. Now it’s a matter of putting in the work over the cold winter.